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            Company Profile

            From Nobody to A Trustworthy Partner

                  Our industrial business started since 30 years ago as a privately owned supplier into the automotive aftermarket industry. With over 560 products, Fly-Eagle now has a wide range of international customers in the automotive, industrial and hardware market. We are committed to strongly focus on service and customer satisfaction, with competitive price, continuous product innovation and superior quality to develop our brand.

            Our Development

                   - From only 1 product to over 560 products, including welding machines, paint curing lamps, tool cabinets, and tools.

                   - Over 300 staff members.

                   - Our head-office is located in Zhuhai.

                   - Our factory of 65000 m2.

                   - 8 strategical branches all over China.

                   Prefered by 31 4S workshops of well-known automobile manufacturers, including Volkswagen AUDI, GM, Mazda, and so on.

            Innovative Spirit 
                  Our R&D team aim at developing intelligent and need-based solutions.

                   -  Awarded as the Zhuhai Science and Technology Enterprise.

                   -  Awarded as the Zhuhai Credible Enterprise.

                   -  Member of China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Association.

            Our Products

                   -  560 products and more than 300 tools.

                   -  Spot Welding machine / Dent Pulling Machine 

                   -  MIG Welder.

                   -  Curing Lamp.
                   -  Charger Power Supply

                   -  Cabinet, Trolley, Workbench.

                   -  Tool Set.

                   -  Injector Cleaner / Analyzer.

                   -  Air Compressor. 

                   -  Oil Changer.

                   -  Panel Stand.

                   -  Hose and cable reel. 

                   -  Quick Coupling.

                   -  Ultrasonic Cleaning Equpment.


            Reliable Quality

                   We ensure our products and services are of a consistently high quality, international IEC and national GB standards are strictly observed.

                   -  Quality Management and Quality Assurance ISO90001:2015.

                   -  China Compulsory Certification CCC.

                   -  European Union CE Certification.

                   -  Exterior Design Patent.

                   -  Utility model invention Patent.

            Customer Service

                   FY-TECH focus on customers' requirements to offer you the best service and support, with 8 strategical branches throughout China and our national call center.

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