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            Warranty Information

            Warranty Information

            All FLY-EAGLE Products ( Unless Otherwise stated ) are fully warranted against manufacturing default including faulty materials and workmanship, subjected to being used for its intended purpose and allowing for fair wear and tear. Defective tools will be repaired and/or replaced at FLY-EAGLE discretion free of charge.

            They should be held by buyer or returned for inspection to the factory upon request. This lifetime warranty does not extend to products that have been improperly used, altered,  abused, or repaired by others. Rustiness after usage, electroplate desquamation, surface scraped  or plastic handle damage are not within warranty range. Damage in the packing is also out of warranty range.

            FY-TECH Equipment  Warranty Definition:

            1. One year non-human warranty for damage lmited condirtion.

            2. Spare parts will not be replaced except for new products defects.

            3. Comsumables are not covered by Warranty.

            Fly-Eagle Tools Warranty Production Defination:

            1. All products are above the DIN or ANSI standard.

            2. Limited lifetime warranty: Fly-Eagle offers free product replacement on next shipment, if breakage occurs under reasonable use. Fly-Eagle does not bear the cost of  

                import duty, value-added tax and freight.

            3. Six-month and Three-year warranty: Under reasonable use, Fly-Eagle provides the vulnerable spare parts for free to repair within warrant period, Fly-Eagle does not

                bear the cost of import duty, value-added tax and freight.

            4. Non-quality problem is not acceptable for refund: These products normally with cutting, hitting, bending, electrical, precision and pneumatic function. Because there

                are too many variables, if not quality problem, Fly-Eagle does not provide returned service.

             Tools Warranty Policy


            Limited lifetime warranty

            Six month warranty

            One Year Warranty

            None Warranty


            Pneumatic Sockets

            All Type Wrenches

            All Type Spanners

            All size Ratchet Handle

            Manual Bits and Bits Socket






            Insulated Tools





            Trolley and Tools Box





            Pliers W/O Cutting Edge





            Pliers With Cutting Edge





            Pneumatic Tools

            Electrical Power Tools





            Cutting Tools

            Hammer Tools





            Electrical Tools

            Measuring Tools

            Torque Wrenches





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